First off. . . wow we haven't posted in way too long. It's about time we duct tape those cameras to our hands and make some more photo magic! Today we went on a little adventure that began with teaching Kel how to drive stick shift in my 1968 VW truck. A few whip lash stop and goes later and we found ourselves driving over the newly opened Hoover Dam bypass bridge as we missed the exit to our hiking trail... fear not tho, a short ways into Arizona and we flipped a beezy to head back to our stop at the Colorado River hot springs trail. Here are a few notable highlights that occurred during our approximate two and a half hour hike. . . Removal of 75 percent of our clothing, downed 4 brewskis, ate major shit showing off/jumping off a big rock, underwear hotspring dip with some awesome hippie people, Kellys booty gets rated a ten by pannel of hippies, many a make out sesh, and a handfull of lizard sightings. xo jw+kb Desert Sunrise - Brett Dennen

[audio:|titles=Desert Sunrise - Brett Dennen]