so every time i've come to the town josh grew up in, boulder city, nevada, i've wanted to do a little photo series of all the motels and motel signs that are at the beginning of the main street through the heart of town (don't blink, you might miss it, ha). boulder city was built to house the workers of the hoover dam (and their families). its the most intentional town i've ever been to. for example, the elementary, middle and high school (and a park) are on all four corners of the same block. its a darling town that is home to some of the greatest small town fairs and barbecue challenges. the motels coming through this part of town are almost stacked on top of each other, one after another. i love how their signs are reminiscent of old las vegas--blinking lights, bright colors--but not quite the same, more old skool. now that i've spent more time here, i've gotten the chance to finally do the shoot (i'm pretty sure the whole town saw me shooting, and thought i was doing something famous, or shady). i love the character they have. there was a crazy desert storm the previous day, thunder, hail. . so the clouds were pretty wild, moving quickly and changing often. and if you haven't already noticed, i love the sky.  :)  xo kb